Looking out for your investment

Our industry leading Basecare protection plans can provide up to 25 years of cover for your Allbase product along with a free maintenance plan and unlimited support.

Getting your project covered

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

A very popular saying but one that hits the nail on the head, usually after the work has been done and the project went sideways. It's very tempting to be swayed by lower prices or lifetime guarantees but quality must never be substituted.

The last thing anyone needs is a problem with their new project, but from time to time things do go wrong, and if they do you want to know the products you've used or the contractor you chose can be relied upon in the event of a defect or failure.

Every project, no matter the size needs to be approached with confidence that the products are of genuine quality and that the guarantees are strong. It pays to only deal with legitimate companies who offer you the confidence they can uphold their guarantees.

Take a liquid applied roofing system, for example. Not all systems are of the same quality, and an inferior product may affect its durability and performance, leading to increased material and labour costs. A quality system has a quality guarantee and is backed up with exceptional customer support and technical services so if anything were to happen later on down the road, that system would be protected.

From small DIY projects to large commercial and industrial sites spanning thousands of metres, Allbase is trusted by architects, big business, local councils and the general public every day to provide a range of guarantees that stand behind the quality of the products and services they provide.

By aligning yourself to a reputable supplier who can demonstrate quality, reliability and expertise, you can rest assured that the products you have chosen don’t compromise on quality and you will be supported in the event of a claim.

We've got you covered

Basecare guarantees provide up to 25 years of cover for your Allbase product along with a free maintenance plan and unlimited technical support.

Instant cover

With a Basecare warranty you become covered the moment your application gets approved, you will receive your documents via email and they can be accessed securely from the Basecare website.

Maintenance plan

Depending on the system, a free maintenance schedule will be generated to ensure surface optimisation throughout the service life of the product or system.

Easy transfer

A Basecare warranty can easily be transferred over to another owner in the event of a house sale, just give us a call and we will arrange the new paperwork to be created.

Hassle-free claims

Any Basecare claims can be made online, over the phone or directly with an Allbase representative or approved contractor.

No hidden fees

We have made our Basecare protection plans easy to understand with no hidden fees or charges, everything is upfront and laid out in plain English.

Dedicated customer support

In the unlikely event you have a problem, we're here to help anytime with our customer service and claims representatives.


The standard Basecare manufacture guarantee covers our products on both domestic and commercial projects and is available to both DIY and professional installers.


Along with the benefits of the standard cover, the Basecare Installation Guarantee provides cover for the work carried out by our network of trained and approved installers in the unlikely event of a problem.


Basecare+ is our unique no quibble extended first 5 year warranty which covers any kind of problems and offers a professional contractor to come out and fix the problems.

Manage online

The Basecare Dashboard allows you to easily manage your Basecare guarantees. You can use it to download certificates manage any maintenance, transfer to a different owner, log issues, and more.

View and manage your certificates online

Transfer your guarantee to someone else

View and book any required maintenance

Report and track any possible issues with your project

Online access to our aftercare support team