What's included

The standard Basecare cover is included with all our advanced liquid applied coatings and comes with the following benefits.

Material protection

This guarantee covers the replacement of the Allbase system if it is found to be defective within the guarantee period.

Maintenance plan

A free maintenance plan will be generated to ensure you get the best performance throughout the service life of the system.

Easy to transfer

The Basecare guarantee can easily be transferred from the online dashboard to another owner in the event of a property sale.

Hassle-free claims

Any Basecare claims can be made online, over the phone or directly with an Allbase representative or approved contractor.

Instant cover

Your guarantee is active the moment your application is approved and can be accessed via your Basecare dashboard.

Free aftercare support

In the unlikely event you have a problem, we're here to help anytime with our customer service and claims representatives.


Made from the highest quality raw materials and use the latest in manufacturing technology our products provide you with something that gets the job done, on time and under budget.


The next generation of fibreglass roofing, Fibrecoat is suitable for all flat roofs and can be applied onto new decks or directly over existing surfaces like felt, lead and asbestos.


Fibrelast is a GRP roofing system that's been specifically formulated for any new build timber roof application. Fibrelast cures to a highly durable and extremely hardwearing finish.


Gravelcoat is a single component resin bound surfacing system that comes with a wide range of finishes and provides a modern, unique alternative to traditional materials.

Guarantee terms

What is covered in the standard guarantee

In the unlikely event of failure, the standard guarantee will cover the costs of the Allbase system used.

What isn't covered

The guarantee will not apply where the damage or deterioration is not attributed to any defect in the product supplied.

How do i make a claim

Any claim must be made either through your Basecare dashboard, over the phone or by post within 14 days of the fault arising.

The best guarantee is the one you'll never have to use, but just in case, you need to know the one you have is going to support you when you need it most, which is why we have made all the terms and conditions for Basecare as transparent as possible.

Allbase guarantees that the materials used and included within the specific system, will last for up to 25 years depending on how the user installed the system. In the event of a claim under the standard Basecare guarantee, the obligations of Allbase shall be limited solely to the supply of replacement materials originally supplied under the guarantee or the nearest possible replacement at the time of the claim.

Basecare Standard Guarantee terms and conditions

To understand the Standard Basecare Guarantee in more detail, browse and download a copy of the terms and conditions in full.