The power of Allbase. Put to work.

A product is only as good as the person using it, which is why we only accept the best into our approved contractor program. All contractors are well-established, financially secure businesses that take pride in their work and go the extra mile for their customers.

Technical support

Need a hand?, we've got you covered

Technical support plays a crucial role in helping customers troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues with our products or services.

On-site support

This type of technical support involves a technician coming to your location to diagnose and fix the problem in person.

Remote support

Remote support involves an Allbase technician contacting you via video chat to try and diagnose the problem and provide instant support.

Telephone support

Allbase contractors have access to our technical support phone line for quick access to a member of our team.


Online support is available for contractors through our Basechat feature on this website. Simply log in with your Allbase ID and start chatting.

Site surveys

Our survey says...

Allbase can undertake a site survey to ensure the most appropriate materials are specified for the project. By undertaking a thorough assessment of the project we can recommend the correct materials and ensure potential pitfalls are dealt with before work gets underway.

Thermal imaging

When it's time to turn up the heat

Allbase provides a range of advanced thermal leak detection solutions that provides a fast, effective, low cost method of identifying both location and severity of a leak.


Teaching the tricks for the trade

Allbase can provide your company with expert training on our range of products via our workshops, online courses and even on-site training.


Our hands-on workshops will give you the skills required to enable fast, trouble-free installation.


An ideal solution for those that juggle a busy life or prefer to work to their own schedule.


Get training courses direct to your door and tailor-made for your company and current skill sets.


On spec and under budget

Our technical services team can produce comprehensive tailor-made specifications for your project to ensure all requirements and met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.