Not all contractors are created equal

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten

Replacing a tired leaking roof or improving the look of your property usually represents a significant financial investment. The consumer needs to be sure that the products and services they invest in represent the highest possible standards.

We've all heard the stories of rogue contractors, they're in every industry and our approved contractors are called out regularly to help the victims.

The common problems associated with failed installations are down to the use of inferior grade materials and poor quality installation. By the time you get an issue with your new roof, the contractor will either want nothing to do with you or may not even be trading anymore.

Each time this happens it causes no end of stress and upheaval, we've seen homes damaged, possessions ruined and tempers frayed.

Allbase marries our high-grade advanced systems with a nationwide network of trained and approved contractors to deliver an unparalleled experience that deliveries on both quality and workmanship.

Contractor approvals

Our approved contracts are an extension of our brand and as such we want them to be the very best, not just for their own reputation but for the good of Allbase in general. Our contractors possess excellent work and business ethics and go the extra mile for their customers.

Company inspections

Allbase contractors go through a strict application process based on a set criteria which is used as a scoring guide to assess all applicants. Along with work references, contractors need to provide evidence that their company is on a sound financial footing with sufficient resources to meet its current and future obligations.

Contractor charter

Approved Allbase contractors have to commit and agree to our contractor charter confirming their commitment to providing the best possible customer service. Elements of this charter includes how contractors are expected to communicate and interact with customers, along with providing honest guidance on materials and relevant building regulations.

Training Academy

All approved contractors will have taken part in our professional training and assessment scheme, both in classroom and on-site environments. Our trainers have been in the industry for over 20 years and are able to pass on skills that only come with experience. Further training and update courses are taken along with on-site visits and work inspections.


Allbase products are made to the highest possible standards using quality raw materials and modern production methods. The products are shipped from fresh stock direct to the contractor on a job by job basis and are optimised to suit temperature and season.





Allbase offers a range of guarantees and warranties to suit your project and provide extra peace of mind.

Basecare is a range of product and installation guarantees for Allbase roofing and surfacing systems. Along with the standard product protection, Basecare offers an installation guarantee for our approved installers and a unique first five year warranty.