Our promise to you

Allbase and its network of approved contractors are committed to delivering the very best products, services and support. This charter outlines what our customers can expect from us and what we will strive to always deliver.

Putting customers service first

Our products are backed up by first class customer service and honest expert advice, our Allbase customer charter lays out the companies commitment to providing you with the highest standards of service.


We put our customers first, and they are entitled to expect excellent service from us. We strive to provide this through personal accountability and professional commitment.


From the moment you make contact with Allbase, our team along with our Approved contractors will make your interaction with us as smooth and efficient as possible.


Using the latest manufacturing processes and warehouse management we make sure that when your order gets processed and despatched, you have the latest products with the longest shelf life possible.


We work closely with our transport companies to deliver your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, we try to keep you connected with your order by sending you regular status updates to your email or phone detailing your orders process.


Any enquiries that you make with Allbase will be assigned to the correct department and actioned as quickly and efficiently as possible. We aim to answer any email or snail mail correspondence within 72 hours of receipt, depending on the enquiry.


We'll never recommend anything that you don't need, nor will we pressurise you into making decisions that you're not happy with. The foundations of the business have been built on providing our customers with simple, honest advice.

Providing the highest quality standards & service

Our approved contractors are proud to be part of Allbase and they stand by their work. To show their commitment to service and quality, every single Allbase contractor has agreed to uphold our charter standards which outline how they interact with customers.


Be honest in all interactions with their customers. They will be upfront with any call-out fees and will let you know straight away if they cannot do the work.
Keep appointments they make and arrive on time, return phone message promptly and call in advance if they need to reschedule an appointment.
Be courteous and treat you, your property and belonging with respect. Once completed the project area will be cleaned and left tidy.
Keep you in the picture about all aspects of the work and be realistic about when they can start the project and how long it will take to complete.
Never be verbally or physically abusive to a customer in any way and never demand cash payments.
Never obtain work by using cold calling and aggressive sales tactics.
Provide survey and detailed quotation and contract before work is carried out. Any variations from the original agreement then a new contract will be created.

Allbase Approved Contractors will give you a feedback form before starting any work, this helps us evaluate our contractors and grade them. After they have completed the work, send it back to us or if you prefer, you can provide your feedback online.

All Allbase Approved Contractors are thoroughly vetted before they are given the approved status. Our approval standards are being constantly improved and adapted to comply with latest government laws and legislation, along with our own increasingly high standards.


All Allbase Approved Contractors must have valid Public Liability Insurance, to ensure you and your property are protected. We require up to date copies of their Public Liability Insurance each year upon renewal.


Approved contractors have to provide evidence that their company is on a sound financial footing with sufficient resources to meet its current and future obligations.


Contractors are continually monitored with on-site visits and customer feedback. Before they become Allbase Approved, we will contact 3 of their previous customers to find out about their experience and to help us build up a profile of how they do their business.


Prior to approval, a contractor must attend and complete one of our professional training product workshops, which leads to an on-site appraisal.

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