Installers are strictly vetted and monitored by us to assess their levels of competence and performance.

Financial check

Along with work references, contractors need to provide evidence that their company is on a sound financial footing.

Contractor charter

Contractors have to commit and agree to our contractor charter.

Training scheme

All approved contractors will have taken part in our professional training and assessment scheme.

A product is only as good as the person using it, which is why we only accept the best into our approved installers scheme.

Our entire product range can be installed by one of contractors from our nationwide network, while specifiers and architects can sub contract our approved installers if the product is specified for the project.

All our approved contractors are well-established, financially secure businesses who take pride in their work and go the extra mile for its customers.

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By completing a detailed survey and assessment of the area, we are able to make sure any potential problems are overcome.

A site survey includes taking pictures, examining the materials and area where the sign will be installed, and verifying all measurements. Additionally, we reexamine all sign ordinances to make sure that your sign will fall within city code, and determine when a permit is needed, as well as securing these permits when necessary.

Allbase can undertake a site survey to ensure the most appropriate materials are specified for the project. By undertaking a thorough assessment of the project we can ensure potential pitfalls are dealt with before work gets underway.

If you would like an Allbase on-site survey for your project then please complete the form below or contact our technical services team.

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Allbase provides a range of advanced thermal leak detection solutions

If a leak isn't spotted quickly it has the potential to cause a large amount of damage which could be extremely costly to repair. Finding the source of a leak can be a tricky task which is why leak detection is a vital service. Using the latest in specialised thermography equipment, our nationwide team of technical engineers can find potential issues and get them resolved with the minimum of disruption to your property.

Thermography is a non-evasive, non-destructive technique that provides a fast, effective, low cost method of identifying both location and severity of a leak. Using the latest specialised infrared-sensitive equipment we are able to inspect a number of different structures and objects including buildings, electrical equipment, machinery and devices to detect faults or problematic areas.

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Roof tests

Thermography provides a quick and non-evasive way of testing for leaks in the roofs membrane. Temperature differentials in the roof show where flat roofs are leaking or have failing insulation present.

Renewable energy

Devices for the capture of renewable energy like solar panels are prone to wear and tear over there normal life, thermal inspection allows to quickly identify any issues that can go unseen.

Electrical testing

Electrical thermography is used for maintenance, inspecting inaccessible areas or simply to fulfil insurance obligations.

Damp & mould

Our thermal imaging technology detects changes in thermal insulation caused by water ingress, enabling us to measure the point of deficiency or failure.


A thermal imaging survey is a non-destructive way to detect water leaks, thermography can help detect difficult to find leaks in underfloor heating and pipework.

Building surveys

Thermographic building surveys offer a non-destructive way of highlighting potential issues and assessing the overall performance of a building.


Allbase builds strong working relationships with architects and specifiers

We support and nurture strong working relationships by creating regular meetings and briefings to ensure everyone is on the same page with the latest technical, conformity and sustainability information.

Our online project management portal allows architects, contractors and clients to log in and get the latest updates on a project, what's outstanding and a updated timeline for project completion.

We work closely with building conservation professionals and council planners to provide guidance on suitable products for the conservation of the historic environment and in particular its long-term care, preservation and enhancement.

Our involvement can range from presenting product samples at site and consultation meetings to providing surveying and installation guidance for difficult applications.

By delivering the right product to ensure the finest balance between aesthetics and performance our products contribute towards the protection and enhancement of all forms of internal and external buildings.

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Our technical services team can produce comprehensive tailor-made specifications for your project to ensure all requirements and met in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

No matter what challenges are presented by your project, we will be able to tailor a solution to ensure all your needs are met in the most efficient way. Our technical services team can tailor a comprehensive specification report to make sure all your requirements are covered.

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Allbase provides a comprehensive range of professional workshops, training courses and seminars.

Our training has been created by industry professionals and you will receive expert practical insight into preparation and application along with 20+ years of hints, tips and pitfall avoidance techniques.

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