Takes fibreglass roofing to the next level

Fibrecoat is ideal for all flat roof types, sizes and specifications. The naturally curing advanced polyurethane system and can be applied to new roofs or directly over existing surfaces like bitumen, concrete, lead and even asbestos.

Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system


The professionals choice for GRP roofing

Fibrelast is a GRP (fibreglass) roofing system that's been specifically formulated for any new build timber roof application. Fibrelast cures to a highly durable and extremely hardwearing finish and can withstand regular foot traffic with no need for additional protection.

fibrelast premium grp roofing system


The coating that goes beyond just repair

Monopol is a solvent free professional solution for the maintenance and repair of roofs that are cracking, split or leaking. The cold applied polyurethane system cures to form a flexible and elastomeric membrane that will prolong the live of roofs, parapets, up-stands and skylights.