The next generation ofliquid roofing systems

No need to complicate things with hundreds of different products doing slightly different things. Our range of liquid-applied roofing systems covers a wide range of different roofing scenarios. From small repairs to roofs and gutters to new build construction and overlays of existing substrates, if you have a problem with your flat roof then we've got a system for you.


Fibrecoat is ideal for all flat roof types, sizes and specifications. The naturally curing polyurethane system can be applied to new roofs or directly over existing surfaces like felt, concrete and asbestos.

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Fibrelast is a seamless, cold-applied GRP Fibreglass roofing system that's the perfect choice for anyone looking to update their flat roof, balcony, dormer, porch or extension.

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Overkote is a high-performance flexible roofing system that provides instant waterproof protection for virtually any roofing surface including gutters, joints and seams.

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Green roofing

Put some life onto your roof

Our simple-to-install, pre-grown green roofing modules come in 3 different options and make having a living roof quick, easy and affordable.


Even more tools for the trade

Allbase supplies a wide range of additional products to support its roofing systems. From a comprehensive range of heavy-duty fibreglass trims to adhesives and tools.


Fibretrims work hand in hand with our liquid-applied roofing systems to provide you with the perfect finish to your roofing project. The high-quality, durable profiles are manufactured here in the UK to exacting ISO standards.

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Sharkseal is a single-part neutral cure adhesive sealant based on Allbase's hybrid polymer technology. It's solvent and isocyanate-free and bonds to virtually any roofing material either dry, wet or underwater.

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We stock a comprehensive range of tools from buckets, high-quality chemical-resistant rollers and brushes to cleaning solvents and PPE.

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And all backed up by ourfirst-class support

Allbase provides a range of technical services to its customers before, throughout the duration of the project and beyond. From product specifications to site surveys and tailored training, we work closely with our customers to guarantee that every aspect of the project meets the highest standards.


Our nationwide network of approved contractors has gone through a strict application process and are chosen for their work craft, customer service skills and sound business financials. By choosing an Allbase contractor for your project you can be sure the work will be carried out to a high standard using only the highest quality materials.


Our unique training courses make it easy for everyone to start learning. Whether you need to know how to apply an advanced coating for a small DIY project or want to add new services to your company's portfolio, we've got the right content for you.

Site surveys

Allbase can undertake a site survey to ensure the most appropriate materials are specified for the project. By undertaking a thorough assessment of the project we can ensure potential pitfalls are dealt with before work gets underway.


Our technical services team can produce comprehensive tailor-made specifications for your project to ensure all requirements and met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Thermal imaging

Using the latest specialised infrared-sensitive equipment we are able to inspect a number of different structures and objects including buildings, electrical equipment, machinery and devices to detect faults or problematic areas.