What we do

When it comes to composites, we've got you covered

Allbase is a one-stop composite shop that supplies a complete range of resin systems, reinforcements and tools along with comprehensive engineering and composite manufacturing services.


Advanced resins

We provide a complete range of systems and structural adhesives for use in a wide range of composite applications. From standard resins to advanced epoxy systems and hybrid technologies.


Fabrics mats and veils

Allbase provides a wide range of technical fabrics including fibreglass, carbon fibre and kevlar that cover a wide range of industries including construction, transportation, wind energy, aerospace and automotive.


Advanced engineering solutions

Along with our range of materials, Allbase provides comprehensive engineering and composites manufacturing services to a wide range of industries including aerospace, defence and automotive. Our state-of-the-art advanced facilities coupled with our comprehensive experience ensure that Allbase is the best option for your advanced composites projects.

Technical services

Solutions that stay onestep ahead of the curve

At Allbase, we specialise in composite consultancy, helping our clients to take advantage of the unique benefits of composite materials. Through careful analysis of load cases, material selection and characterisation, and the use of advanced engineering tools, we are able to design composite parts that are strong, stiff, and lightweight. Our goal is to help our clients fully realise the potential of composites in their projects.