What's included

The Basecare installation cover comes with the following benefits

Installation cover

Protection against the installation of the Allbase materials carried out by the approved contractor.

Material protection

This cover replaces the Allbase system and products if it was found to be defective within the guarantee period.

Project manager

This cover includes a dedicated project manager from Allbase to oversee the work and provide any necessary support.

Easy to transfer

This guarantee can easily be transferred from the online dashboard to another owner in the event of a property sale.

Hassle-free claims

Any Basecare claims can be made online, over the phone or with the approved contractor.

Instant cover

Your guarantee is active the moment your application is approved and can be accessed via your Basecare dashboard.

Free aftercare support

In the unlikely event you have a problem, our customer services team is here to help anytime.

Maintenance Schedule

A free maintenance plan will be generated to ensure you get the best performance throughout the service life of the system.


It's estimated more than two-thirds of problems associated with newly completed construction work is down to inadequate workmanship, which is why we check and approved only the best to apply our products and offer the Basecare protection.


Allbase's nationwide network of approved contractors have gone through a strict application process and are chosen on for their work craft, customer service skills and sound business financials.

By choosing an Allbase Approved Contractor for your project you can be sure the work will be carried out to a high standard using only the highest quality materials.


All contractors go through a strict application process which includes company financial and insurance checks along with previous work history analysis.


Contractors have to agree to our service charter outlining how they are to communicate and interact with customers, providing honest guidance on materials and project details.


All our approved installers have undertaken a thorough training and assessment programme, in classrooms and on-site. Our experienced training team pass on skills that only come with experience.


Made from the highest quality raw materials and use the latest in manufacturing technology our products provide you with something that gets the job done, on time and under budget.


The next generation of fibreglass roofing, Fibrecoat is suitable for all flat roofs and can be applied onto new decks or directly over existing surfaces like felt, lead and asbestos.


Fibrelast is a GRP roofing system that's been specifically formulated for any new build timber roof application. Fibrelast cures to a highly durable and extremely hardwearing finish.


Gravelcoat is a single component resin bound surfacing system that comes with a wide range of finishes and provides a modern, unique alternative to traditional materials.

Guarantee terms

What is covered in the installation guarantee

In the unlikely event of failure, the installation guarantee will cover the costs of the Allbase system used and provide installation cover from the approved contractor.

What isn't covered

The guarantee will not apply where the damage or deterioration is not attributed to any defect in the Allbase system or installation provided.

How do i make a claim

Any claim must be made either through your Basecare dashboard, over the phone or by post within 14 days of the fault arising.

The best guarantee is the one you'll never have to use, but just in case, you need to know the one you have is going to support you when you need it most, which is why we have made all the terms and conditions for Basecare as transparent as possible.

The Approved Contractor guarantees to the property owner or tenant that the Allbase system was correctly installed in accordance with the application guidelines and will last for the maximum amount of time stated on the product. In the unlikely event that the system should leak within the first 10 years of this period, due to a defect in the installation, it will be restored to a watertight condition.

Basecare Installation Guarantee terms and conditions

To understand the Basecare Installation Guarantee in more detail, browse and download a copy of the terms and conditions in full.