Climate change

It's happening, let's do what we can

The current state of the environment is a complex and challenging issue that requires immediate attention. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution are major problems that are affecting the Earth's natural systems. With concerted efforts from governments, companies, and individuals, we can work to mitigate these problems and build a more sustainable future for all.

One of the most pressing issues facing the environment is climate change. The Earth's average temperature has been increasing, and the overwhelming scientific consensus is that human activity, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, is the primary cause. This warming is causing a variety of problems, including sea level rise, more severe weather events, and changes to the distribution of plant and animal species.

The rate at which species are going extinct is estimated to be as much as 1,000 times higher than the natural background rate. This loss of biodiversity has a number of negative consequences, including a loss of ecosystem services such as pollination and pest control, and the destabilisation of entire ecosystems. Habitat destruction, hunting and overfishing, the introduction of invasive species, and pollution are some of the causes.

Air and water pollution are also major environmental issues. Air pollution from power plants, factories, and automobiles is a leading cause of respiratory issues. Water pollution from agricultural and industrial runoff, as well as discharge from sewage treatment plants, is a serious threat to aquatic life.

Despite these challenges, there is hope that the situation can be improved. Many countries have implemented policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon pricing and renewable energy targets. Protected areas and conservation programs have been set up to protect endangered species and habitats. Efforts are also being made to reduce pollution, such as through regulations on factory emissions and the development of clean energy.

There is still much work to be done to address the many problems facing the environment. Continued efforts will be needed to find solutions and mitigate the negative effects of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. It's important for all of us to take personal responsibility for the environment and make sustainable choices, not just for the benefit of ourselves, but for future generations and the entire planet.

Carbon footprint

Shrinking our footprint

We consider our carbon footprint when both sourcing and delivering orders to our customers and are committed to making sure our suppliers share our philosophies. Our company focus and ethos set out to balance commercial viability along with our impact on the planet.

Of Allbase products manufactured in the UK to ISO standards.

Of raw materials used in Allbase products are sourced in Europe.

Of recycled materials are used in our manufacturing process.

Minimising our impact

We consider our environmental impact during every stage — finding ways to create products that use fewer materials and last longer. When we work with suppliers that don’t meet our standards we help them improve until they do.

We allow for wastage and mistakes in our products which can be reused in the next project or returned to us to be disposed of. We do not sell one-use disposable items and all the tools that we do supply, if well maintained can be used many times over proving more economical to use in the long term.


The packaging used for our materials is sourced from companies with ISO14001 environmental accreditations and waste packaging and consumable recycling schemes at all depots making use of recycled products wherever possible.

Tools & equipment

Allbase products require fewer application tools and materials than conventional products. Some systems for example do away with the need for harmful organic peroxides and can be overlaid onto existing surfaces, further reducing waste.


The companies we use to deliver goods all have climate change strategies that include, network optimisation to minimise the miles driven, large investments in fuel-saving technologies to reduce the dependency on fossil-based fuels and energy conservation plans via facility design and operational practices.


Building on the foundation of renewables

Along with reducing our own environmental impact, the products that we manufacture and supply go into supporting some of the latest technology that has a lasting impact on the environment.

Solar energy

Our roofing and external flooring systems are the perfect foundation for solar energy panels.

Wind energy

Our composite materials go into the manufacture of wind and wave turbines which generate millions of kilowatts of energy across the globe.

Living roofs

Our living roofs and walls create a natural environment to encourage insects whilst also filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air.

Recycling program

Reducing our waste

Our returns and recycling scheme lets our customers send back unused, waste materials so we can either dispose of, recycle or repurpose the materials in other areas of the business.