"Our advanced liquid coatings protect, maintain and enhance the spaces in which we live and work."

Who we are

Allbase is a close team made up of engineers and designers based in Yorkshire. We are parents, gamers, friends, walkers, biscuit dunkers, cyclists, football fans and we are passionate about the products we create and the people and organisations we partner with.

What we do

We are a manufacturer and supplier of advanced liquid coatings that protect, maintain and enhance the spaces in which we live and work. From roofing to floor coatings our range of functional, easy to use products are revolutionising industrial construction and home improvement.

Why we do it

We're here to create products and services that promote quality and improve the spaces of the people and companies that use them. It isn’t enough to make something that just works and we constantly strive towards products and services that make for change.

What we value

Laying out our company's core values

As we grow as a company, it's become important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies.

People over Profits

We value the connections and relationships we build with our customers and subsequently grade our success on the positive experiences we have, rather than bottom line figures.

Make it Better

This is something that is always at the front of our minds when creating a new product or service. We always accepts there’s room for improvement and strive to make everything we do, better.

Keep it Simple

It doesn’t need to get complicated and our methods and solutions are simple and clear to understand and execute. We apply this concept to all aspect of the business, from our terms to the services we provide.

Keep Innovating

Processes and technologies are always innovating and to challenge ourselves we always try to stay ahead of the curve by using these new innovations to our advantage.

Be Transparent

Respect, transparency and honesty are the foundations of every single interaction with our customers and colleagues alike, which makes our work easier and more productive.

Be Passionate

Our strength is forged by a drive to over deliver, to amazing customer experiences and to solid relationships. We meet each day with patience, openness, and passion.

What we’ve created

When it comes to liquid coatings, we've got all your bases covered

Using the latest technologies and manufacturing methods Allbase has developed a range of advanced coatings that revolutionise construction and home improvement. Whether you're a professional or DIY enthusiast our high quality products have been created to be functional and easy to apply.

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Allbase advanced systems range
Where we’re headed

We’re growing fast, and we’d love for you to join us.

Here at Allbase, we’re driven by our mission to make our advanced coatings accessible to everyone and it takes a dedicated team to make that mission possible. If you want to work for a company where you’ll be challenged, where you can learn from your peers and mentors, and where you’ll be pushed to go outside your comfort zone, then Allbase is the place for you.

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