Problem roof? Time toput on the Overcoat

Overcoat is a high-performance flexible roofing system that provides instant waterproof protection for virtually any roofing surface including gutters, joints and seams.


It's as easy asone two three

If you have a leak that needs fixing immediately, it's time to put on the Overcoat. This easy-to-use product is quick to apply using standard rollers and brushes and will be watertight in approximately 30 minutes, depending on application temperatures.


Clean any loose materials off the roof and seal any joints or cracks using Sharkseal.


In most cases, a primer will not be needed but if required, apply as per the Instructions and allow to dry.


Apply a layer of Overcoat with a standard brush or roller at a coverage rate of approx 1.2kg per m² to the area.


It's totally over the top

Overcoat can be applied to virtually any surface, in most cases, without the need for a primer or reinforcement, making it super easy to use.


Expanding what's possible

Thermal expansion and contraction on a roof are due to temperature changes which can cause issues such as cracks, leaks, and other types of damage if the system cannot go with the flow. Engineered with our eFlex technology, Overcoat provides unparalleled flexibility over standard liquid-applied roofing systems.

Versatile system

Works all year round

The product can be applied virtually all year round and because it does not react to moisture, can be used in damp conditions to provide immediate protection.

UV Resistant

Able to stand the heat

Overcoat has built-in inhibitors that withstand ultraviolet and solar degradation, whilst maintaining a high-quality long lasting finish.

Atmospheric cure

Cures without the chemicals

Overcoat doesn’t require any activators or catalysts to work, instead, the system cures naturally with the atmosphere becoming watertight in under 30 mins, making it much more user-friendly and a lot safer.


We've got you covered

The best guarantee is the one you'll never have to use, but just in case our guarantees have you covered. Overcoat guarantees not only provide product protection but many other benefits including an online portal to easily manage and transfer cover.

Get up to 10 years of cover

Comprehensive Basecare cover for up to 10 Years is available with Overcoat depending on the project’s requirements and specifications.

Media gallery

Check out these photo finishes

We love seeing our products being used on projects both large and small. For more photos and videos follow our dedicated Overcoat Instagram feed and if you would like to send us your shots then contact us for more information.