Environmentally sound

Sharkseal contains no solvents or isocyanates and is virtually odourless,  making it safe for use in residential, domestic and industrial applications.

Works in the wet

Due to the product's hybrid polyurethane formulation, Sharkseal can be applied in wet or dry conditions, even under water which makes it super easy to seal leaks and seams.

UV Resistant

Sharkseal can withstand ultraviolet and solar degradation, which provides protection and maintains a high-quality finish.

Zero shrink

Solvents used in traditional sealants will often evaporate, causing the area to shrink and fail. Sharkseal doesn't contain any solvents and will not shrink or crack making it the perfect repair system.


Sharkseal allows flexible adhesion that will move with the expansion and contraction of the substrate during daily fluctuations in temperature.

Strong bond

Once Sharkseal has been applied it will create a permanent bond that gets even stronger as the product fully cures.


Sharkseal can be applied to materials such as felt, asphalt, asbestos bituminous roof coatings, concrete, wood, metal, brickwork, slate and rigid PVC.

Compatible systems

Sharkseal works seamlessly with the range of Allbase roofing systems and accessories. From bonding fibretrims to a flat roof to sealing cracks and joints,  Sharkseal just gets the job done.


The GRP roofing system made to last.

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The next generation of fibreglass roofing.

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The roofing system that goes beyond repair.

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