High quality, durable fibreglass roofing profiles

Our Fibretrim range is manufactured from pultruded glass fibre plastics here in the UK to ISO9001 standards. The enhanced composition ensures that the trims are extremely durable, maintenance free and resilient to adverse weather conditions.


Fibretrims are extremely durable and can withstand the harshest of conditions, temperature fluctuations and exposure to UV rays.


Our range of trims are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and install.


There are over 20 different pre-formed GRP component trims in the range designed to accommodate the most common roof details.

Easy to use

Fibretrims can be easily cut and shaped to fit the specific needs of a roofing project.

Made in the UK

Our range of profiles and corners are made here in the UK to ISO9001 standards.

Corner profiles

Along with the standard profiles, Fibretrims come with a comprehensive range of corners and closures.

Product range

The Fibretrim profiles come in a range of lengths and are supplied in a pre-coloured finish for easy overpainting with a compatible Allbase roofing system.

Fascia trims

The fascia or drip trim is fitted to the lowest edge of the roof usually where the rainwater flows into the gutter.

Raised edge trims

The raised edge trim is designed to direct the flow of water off the roof into the gutter.

Simulated lead

Simulated lead trims and corners replace the traditional lead flashing. They have a dark grey non-adhesive finish to simulate the appearance of lead.

Wall fillets

For use against abutting walls or gutter linings, it will also provide expansion and perimeter ventilation and is compatible with C2 and C3 universal corners.

Flat flashing

Flat flashing is mainly used at the intersection of a pitched roof and flat roofs often found on dormers.

Angle trims

Internal and External angle trims are used wherever the laminate needs to cover an are which continues perpendicular to another laminated surface.


Specialist profiles to direct the flow of water off the roof.

Corners and closures

A range of pre-formed corners for use in conjunction with the Fibretrim profiles for a stylish finish.

Expansion joints

Used on larger roofs to aid drainage and to ensure gapping of underlying timber to facilitate expansion.

Compatible with allour roofing systems

Fibretrims are fully compatible with our range of liquid-applied roofing products. Our systems are designed to provide a seamless and long-lasting waterproofing solution for flat roofs, and our Fibretrims play an important role in ensuring a complete and effective installation.


Fibrecoat is ideal for all flat roof types, sizes and specifications. The naturally curing polyurethane system can be applied to new roofs or directly over existing surfaces like felt, concrete and asbestos.

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Fibrelast is a seamless, cold applied GRP Fibreglass roofing system that's the perfect choice for anyone looking to update their flat roof, balcony, dormer, porch or extension.

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Overkote is a high-performance flexible roofing system that provides instant waterproof protection for virtually any roofing surface including gutters, joints and seams.

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