Water that naturally goes with the flow

Increasing urbanisation has caused problems with flash flooding after sudden rain, to combat this the Government launched legislation called Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or SUDS for short. The idea behind SUDS is to try to replicate natural methods to tackle excess water in a sustainable and economical way. The Gravelcoat bound systems are SUDS compliant and will allow water to drain through the surface and flow naturally back into the water table, which reduces the impact on surface water drainage systems which can often be overloaded in heavy downpours.

Ready to take anything thats thrown at it

The same technology that goes into making Gravelcoat has been used on public roads and motorways for a number of years. Along with being strong and durable, Gravelcoat is resistant to UV degradation along with stains including oils and fuels that can sometimes leak from vehicles. Maintenance of a Gravelcoat resin surface will usually involve a regularly sweep to remove any leaves, while general cleaning of the surface can be carried out with a standard pressure washer.

Wide range of finishes to choose from

Our extensive range of dust free resin surfacing aggregates are the ideal materials for all kinds of Gravelcoat bonded and bound projects. We have a wide range of aggregates sourced from quarries throughout the UK and Europe that come in a number of different colours and sizes to enhance the final surface finish. Our aggregate partners are pioneers in the washing, blending and bagging process of resin surfacing aggregates to minimise the attrition created when aggregates rub together which can cause a higher percentage of fines and dust in the finished product.

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Slip Resistant

Both resin bonded and bound systems have excellent non-slip properties which can be improved upon with a special anti-slip glass sand.

Solvent Free

Gravelcoat is an odourless air-cured polyurethane based 2 pack resin system that’s free from solvents and doesn’t require a catalyst to accelerate curing.

Bespoke Designs

Using different coloured aggregates can create unique designs, logos and patterns and can be easily incorporated into a Gravelcoat surface.

Surface guarantees set in stone

A new resin surface is a big investment, so it’s a good idea to make sure the guarantee or warranty is worth the paper its printed on and gives the protection you need. When installed by an approved contractor Gravelcoat is backed with a 15 year guarantee that covers cracking, oil damage, UV degradation, Frost damage and more. For more information about Basecare and the different types of guarantee available for Gravelcoat click below or contact us.

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