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Frequently asked questions about Fibretrims

We’ve listed below some of the most popular frequently asked questions for our Fibretrim profiles. If you have a question that are not listed below then please get in touch and have a chat with our technical services team.

Can I apply Monopol directly over cracks?

Monopol can span cracks and splits in the existing surface of up to 0.5mm. For larger cracks or splits we recommend you use our reinforcing tape. The cracks in the existing roof surface may expand and contract with the temperature so it’s always worthwhile to clean and prepare the surface area prior to application.

Can I apply Monopol over expansion joints?

Because Monopol is an extremely flexible product you can overcoat expansion joints. If the joints are located in concrete or an asphalt type surface that its recommended you use reinforcing membrane along the joints.

Can I use Monopol to repair leaking valleys and gutters?

Monopol is an ideal solution for waterproofing flashings, parapets, valleys and gutters. Use the reinforcing membrane to strengthen the areas around the joints and at changes in the surface materials to create a long lasting repair.

Can I apply Monopol directly over the existing roof surface?

Monopol has been designed to bond to most roofing substrates including felt, wood, metal, fibreglass (GRP) and asbestos without the need to strip and replace.


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