Custom colours and finishing service.

If your eye can see it then we can match it

The right colour can make all the difference to a roof surface, which is why we introduced our Colourcoat matching system. Whether you need the roof surface to match surrounding elements or want a bold colour that stands out from the crowd, our state-of-the-art colour mixing and matching service gives your roof surface the perfect finish.

How it works

To use the Colourcoat system, find a sample of the colour you would like matched, this could be anything from a piece of the existing surface to slate or stone, the better the sample the more accurate the final colour will be, as long as the sample area is 0.5cm diameter, we should be able to match it.

Send us the sample

Either hand the sample over to one of our approved contractors or for DIY jobs speak to our technical support team and send the sample directly to us.

We manufacture the finish

From the sample provided, our technical team will match your colour to the chosen coating's finishing system, which will then be sent directly to you or to one of our approved contractors for application.

The Finish will be shipped for application

Within seven working days your custom finishing colour will be shipped to you, we will also generate a custom file so you can store the colour in our system, and come back for more if required.