CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and refers to the process used to track and document the skills, knowledge and work experience both in training courses and as you work.

Continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing professional education (CPE) is the means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives.

CPD learning is not just restricted to when you attend one of the Allbase courses. You will continue to gain CPD afterwards by putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

CPD obligations are common to most professions and many professionals define CPD as a structured approach to learning to help ensure competence to practice, taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience. CPD can involve any relevant learning activity, whether formal and structured or informal and self-directed.

At Allbase, your continuing professional development (CPD) is about us helping you to improve your professional skills and move towards higher standards of professional practice. CPD isn’t a record and most activities can help you gain CPD points, for example attending an Allbase course or conference, making suggestions and improvements to the way we work together.

The record of your CPD is a collection of how you’ve kept your professional skills relevant and up-to-date. By keeping a well maintained record, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities and can demonstrate this to potential customers which can lead to better opportunities.

At least once a year, we recommend you review your learning over the past year and set your development objectives for the year ahead. Reflecting on the past and planning for the future in this way makes your development more methodical and easier to measure.

Allbase Approved Contractors have a CPD record on file as part of there ongoing appraisal, which will be taken into account when reviewing their status.