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Frequently asked questions about Gravelcoat

We’ve listed below some of the most popular frequently asked questions for our Gravelcoat resin surfacing system. If you have a question that are not listed below then please get in touch and have a chat with our technical services team.

Whats the difference between bonded and bound?

Resin surfacing is applied in two different ways. The resin bonded system involves applying the Gravelcoat resin to the surface and then broadcasting the stone over the top, once dry the excess is removed and your are left with a natural textured finish. The resin bound system is mixed first with the aggregate in a special forced action mixer, once the resin has completely coated the aggregate it is then trowel applied to the surface for a smooth finish.

Can I use standard aggregate?

You cannot use standard aggregate with Resin bonded and bound systems, it requires a special type of aggregate that goes through a washing process to remove any grit and dust which allows the Gravelcoat system to make a perfect bond with the aggregate.


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