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We’re always happy to welcome a new Fibrecoat user! Here are a few basics to get you started with your new fibreglass roofing project.

Learn how to use the Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system

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Surface preparation

Preparation is key to a job well done, and preparing the surface prior to Fibrecoat application is a vital step.

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Applying the Fibrecoat base layer

How to mix the Fibrecoat base resin and apply it with fibreglass to the roof surface.

Apply the Fibrecoat Base

Applying the Fibrecoat finish

How to mix and apply the Fibrecoat finishing system to the cured base.

Applying the Fibrecoat Finish

Felt roofing

Fibrecoat provides a cost effective, long term solutions for felt roof repairs and replacements. The product can be used as part of a new roof configuration or can be applied directly over the old surface.

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Metal roofing

Fibrecoat provides a cost effective solutions for the replacement of lead and traditional metal roofing materials. The product can be used as part of a new roof configuration or can be overcoated directly onto the metal roof.

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Solar energy

Fibrecoat provides the perfect solution to supporting solar energy panels.

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Green roofing

A Fibrecoat roof provides the perfect foundation for our range of affordable green roofing systems.

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Get trained

Whether you want to learn how to use our Fibrecoat roofing system for a DIY project, or you're a professional contractor wanting to add liquid roofing systems as a skill for your business, Allbase has a range of professional courses to suit your needs.

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View the technical specifications for Fibrecoat.

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