Save and earn money by generating your own electricity

A Solar panel electricity system, also known as solar photovoltaics (PV) allows you to generate your own electricity using energy from the sun. These panels don't need direct sunlight to work, and can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day.

By generating your own electricity you could save on your energy bills, plus with the Government's Feed-in Tariff, you could be paid for every kilowatt hour you generate. In addition to this any electricity you don't use, will also earn you extra income by feeding energy back into the Grid.

Allbase's range of roofing systems can provide the ideal surface support for solar panels. The liquid applied systems can seamlessly enclose and encapsulate the solar panel supports to provide a 100% waterproof detail.

Solar Solutions

Providing the solid foundations to harvest green energy

The Allbase range of liquid waterproofing systems are strong, durable and can easy support the weight of a solar panel unit. The systems can support various different types of PV cells and while the panels can be mechanically fixed to the roof surface to allow seamless detailing they can also be installed over a roof using a support system.

Fibrelast GRP Roofing System


Fibrelast is our flexible, fire retardant fibreglass GRP roofing system that comes with a 25 year warranty and has been specifically formulated for any new build timber flat roof application.

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Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system


Fibrecoat is our advanced fibreglass roofing system and can be used on new roof constructions or to overcoat felt roofs on both commercial and domestic buildings without the need for a primer.

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Cost effective solutions to establish a green roofing surface.

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