Advanced alternatives to traditional metal roofing materials

Lead and copper are great roofing materials and have been traditionally used on the roofs of churches, houses, town halls and other public buildings for hundreds of years.

However with the increased scrap value of copper and lead the theft of these materials has become an increasing problem with thieves targeting roofs and flashings from small domestic properties to churches, schools and heritage sites.

The products in the Allbase roofing range offer an ideal alternative to these traditional metals and while simulating the appearance of lead and copper they are more cost effective to apply and offer no scrap value to potential thieves.

Product Range

Go metal free with our range of advanced coatings

Allbase coatings have been created using the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing methods. The Allbase range of cold applied liquid roofing systems can easily replicate the look of lead and other traditional metal roofing materials at a fraction of the cost and without having any scrap value. The tough, maintenance free systems can be used on flat or pitched roofs and all types of guttering.

monopol advanced roof repair system


Monopol is an extremely flexible polyurethane overlay system ideal for overcoating a number of ageing metal roof surfaces. The solvent free, air curing material can be applied to lead and copper with the minimum of surface preparation and seals in laps and seams to make the roof watertight.

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Fibrelast GRP Roofing System


Fibrelast is our standard polyester fibreglass roofing system and is used to reproduce the look of lead at a lower cost and without the risk of theft. The product cures to form a hard wearing, durable membrane on surfaces that include flat roofs, dormers, canopies porches and cladding.

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Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system


Fibrecoat is our most versatile fibreglass roofing system and is the system of choice for many simulated lead and metal applications. The naturally curing advanced polyurethane system can be applied to new roofs or directly over existing metal surfaces with minimal preparation.

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Simulated Metal Profiles

Enhance the look with our Fibretrim profiles

Our simulated lead and metal finishes are completed with the application of our pre-formed Fibretrim profiles, fixed to the roofs substrate before applying the waterproofing system. They are available in a number of options for different types of metal simulations and once completed create a tough, durable finish.

Simulated Flashing

Our simulated lead flashing is installed into the mortar line of the wall that connects to the flat roof allowing water to run onto the roof and away.

Simulated Lead Roll

Our lead roll profile  is used to simulate traditional raised rolled lead on the finished flat roof deck. The profile also provides expansion properties and perimeter ventilation.

Roll Closure

Our simulated lead roll closure is available to buy in two different sizes and is used to seal the end of the exposed Fibretrim simulated lead roll profile.


Cost effective solutions for asbestos roof repairs and replacements.

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