Thermographic Services

Professional thermal imaging inspections

Thermography is a non-evasive, non-destructive technique that provides a fast, effective, low cost method of identifying both location and severity of a leak. Using the latest specialised infrared-sensitive equipment we are able to inspect a number of different structures and objects including buildings, electrical equipment, machinery and devices to detect faults or problematic areas.

Roof Testing

Thermography provides a quick and non-evasive way of testing for leaks in the roofs membrane. Temperature differentials in the roof show where flat roofs are leaking or have failing insulation present.

Damp and Mould

Excess moisture within a building leads to insulation failure, heat loss and an increased chance of getting damp and mould issues. Our thermal imaging technology detects changes in thermal insulation caused by water ingress, enabling us to measure the point of deficiency or failure.

Building Surveys

Our thermographic building surveys offer a non-destructive way of highlighting potential issues and assessing the overall performance of a building.

Renewable Energy

Devices for the capture of renewable energy like solar panels are prone to wear and tear over there normal life, thermal inspection allows to quickly identify any issues that can go unseen.

Electrical Testing

In any work environment there is a requirement to check and assess electrical performance and compliance. Electrical thermography is used for maintenance, inspecting inaccessible areas or simply to fulfill insurance obligations.


If your system is loosing pressure, then a thermal imaging survey is a non-destructive way to detect water leaks. Thermography can help detect difficult to find leaks in underfloor heating and pipework.

Aerial Services

Taking a look at your problem from a different perspective

Using Drones allows us to provide inspection and maintenance services to areas otherwise inaccessible or ineffective for ground-based surveys. Our engineers are experienced flyers and can conduct a comprehensive investigation that includes roofing inspections, photovoltaic surveys, aerial thermography and geomapping.