Moisture curing

The product doesn’t need any activators or catalysts to cure, instead the system cures naturally with the atmosphere becoming watertight in around 30 mins, making it much more user friendly and a lot safer.


With Fibreflex technology, Monopol is an incredibly flexible system which helps deal with any thermal expansion and contraction as the roofing surface heats up and cools down throughout the day.

Overlay system

Monopol can be used to overcoat a number of different surfaces including asphalt, brick, felt, slate and can even be used on details such as skylights, flashings and gutters. The products versatility and ease of use makes it the perfect choice for both experienced professional and amateur DIY’er.

UV stable

The system includes inhibitors that withstand ultraviolet and solar degradation, which provides protection and maintains the high quality finish over the course of the roofs life.

Environmentally friendly

Monopol is the environmentally friendly solution to repairing and refreshing dated roof surfaces. Manufactured in the UK the product is solvent free, virtually odourless and has no harmful VOC’s. The product can be applied directly over an existing roof surface which reduces the overall waste and project cost.

Cost effective

Monopol is the easy and cost effective way to repair leaks in failed roofs, skylights, gulleys, up stands and gutters. The polyurethane technology cures to form a flexible, 100% waterproof coating with no joints or seams.

How does Monopol work

Monopol is a quick and easy system that is applied with standard rollers and brushes over a number of existing roof surfaces. Depending on the type of roof surface and the level of degradation a primer layer may need to be applied, also any cracks can be repaired with a reinforcement fleece.