The high tech no fuss roof repair system

Monopol is a solvent free professional solution for the maintenance and repair of roofs that are cracking, split or leaking. The cold applied polyurethane based product cures to form a flexible and elastomeric membrane that will prolong the live of roofs, parapets, up-stands, skylights and more.


Monopol is the easy and cost effective way to repair leaks in failed roofs, skylights, gulleys, up stands and gutters. The polyurethane technology inside Monopol cures to form a flexible, 100% waterproof coating with no joints or seams that can withstand expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.


Monopol can be used to overcoat a number of different surfaces including asphalt, brick, felt, slate and can even be used on details such as skylights, flashings and gutters. The products versatility and ease of use makes it the perfect choice for both experienced professional and amateur DIY’er. Its air curing technology means it can be applied straight from the can using a standard brush or roller without the need for any special activators or accelerators.


Monopol is a low cost environmentally friendly solution to repairing and refreshing dated roof surfaces. Manufactured in the UK the product is solvent free, virtually odourless and has no harmful VOC’s. The product can be applied directly over an existing roof surface which reduces the overall waste and project cost.