Finding leaks fast

The amount of damage a leaking roof can do your property could be extremely costly, and as small leaks get bigger, rapid detection and repair is vital. Finding the source of a leaking roof can sometimes prove a tricky task as water rarely drips straight down, instead looking for the path of least resistance.

The most obvious sign of roof leaks Inside your house are water stains on the ceiling, especially if they grow or darken after a rainstorm. Also look for water pooling on a flat roof, sagging or soft ceilings, water spots in the attic, a musty smell, mould growth and peeling paint.

Product Range

Advanced solutions for repairing and replacing leaking roofs

Our products are backed up by first class customer service and honest expert advice, our Allbase customer charter lays out the companies commitment to providing you with the highest standards of service.

monopol advanced roof repair system


Monopol is a solvent free professional solution for the maintenance and repair of roofs that are cracking, split or leaking. The cold applied polyurethane system cures to form a flexible and elastomeric membrane that will prolong the live of roofs, parapets, up-stands and skylights.

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Fibrelast GRP Roofing System


Fibrelast is a GRP (fibreglass) roofing system that has been specifically formulated for any new build timber roof application. Fibrelast cures to a highly durable and extremely hardwearing finish and can withstand regular foot traffic with no need for additional protection.

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Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system


Fibrecoat is our most versatile fibreglass roofing system and is ideal for all flat roof types, sizes and specifications. The naturally curing advanced polyurethane system and can be applied to new roofs or directly over existing surfaces like felt, concrete and asbestos.

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Leak Detection Services

Using the latest technologies to detect leaks fast

Allbase leak detection service uses the latest in drone and thermal imaging technology to find the source of the roofs leak quickly and efficiently. Using thermography drones Allbase can provide a detailed overview of the entire site, surveying the roof area to provide an indication of both current and potential problems.

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