Learning Gravelcoat

Whether you need to know how to apply Gravelcoat for a DIY project or want to add new services to your company's portfolio, Allbase offers a range of workshops and training courses for people of all experience levels.

All our in-house training team are not only experts in Gravelcoat but are trade professionals and bring with them years of practical experience in the resin bonded and bound surfacing industry.

Core Modules

Although the content will change depending on the type of workshop or course you select, these are our core modules that will be covered.

Health & Safety

All our courses on Gravelcoat will go through in detail the products and the risks associated with using resin surfacing products to insure you operate in accordance to the current health & safety legislation.


Depending on the type of course you have selected, we will demonstrate or you will be asked to overcome a number of possible problem scenarios that might arise when applying Gravelcoat and shown how to navigate your way out of trouble.

Tools & Equipment

We show you the tools and equipment involved in resin surfacing and how to manage and look after them so they can be repeatedly used making it cost effective and much better for the environment.

Tips & Tricks

Utilising our expert knowledge of resin surfacing systems, we share the hints, tips and tricks of the trade, that only experience teaches.

Waste Management

Showing you how to reduce waste on a resin bonded or bound surfacing project not only maximises profits but it reduces your environmental impact.


We’ll take a look at the business side and overview the resin surfacing marketplace, what you should be charging and give you tips on how to promote your new skills.

High spec training facilities

Our Gravelcoat courses and workshops are held at some of the most advanced, modern facilities across the country and provide the attendees with the best possible experience. Our workshops are delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with refreshments and food provided throughout.

Select Course

For more information and to book yourself onto the next available Gravelcoat resin bonded and bound surfacing course, select from one of the options below.


Our comprehensive online guide gives you an insight into whats involved in a resin surfacing project from start to finish.

online learning


In a classroom environment our 3 hour introductory course gives you a detailed up-close view of the resin surfacing process.

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Our professional 1 day course give you an extensive look into the resin surfacing process along with a practical hands-on experience.

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On Site

Using specially designed training equipment we are able to offer our full undiluted professional roofing course on the road.

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Course Questions

Find and ask questions about our training services with other users across the country.