You must sure that all up stands, cracks and expansion joints along with any areas that might experience movement must be covered with tape as a bond break, taking care to ensure the taped edges are fully adhered.

It’s not normally necessary to reinforce felt or carrier membrane overlap joints, unless there is a doubt about the overall integrity of the overlap. 225gm chopped strand matting is used as a reinforcement membrane over the treated movement joints, protrusions and upstands. The 225gm matting must also be used to reinforce all valley gutters with the membrane being overlapped up onto the roof panels.

The Fibrecoat base can then be applied to the treated areas at a nominal rate of 8 liner metres per litre on joints and 0.7 litre per metre squared in the gutters.

The 225gm chopped strand fibreglass matting should then be embedded over the Fibrecoat base and rolled or brushed in to totally wet out and encapsulate the sheet, including the edges. Adjacent lengths or sections or the reinforcement matting need to be overlapped to ensure a minimum of 2cm overlap after coating. For treating joints cut the chopped stand matting into smaller 0.5m rolls or you can purchase them pre-cut.