Application of the Fibrecoat base has been simplified by removing the need to apply an activator or catalyst, instead the product cures naturally with the moisture in the atmosphere.

The Fibrecoat base system is applied to your roof surface using a standard medium pile roller at an application rate of 0.5 litres per m² for pitched and 1 litre per m² for flat roofs.

For flat roofing, 225gm Allbase fibreglass reinforcement matting is to be applied over the entire roof surface, following the roof contours. Adjacent widths of matting should be overlapped to ensure a minimum of 2cm of overlap after coating. On treated reinforced up stands, parapets, joints and corners the 225gm matting should also be overlapped 3-6cm to maintain a continuous reinforcement.

After the fibreglass matting has been laid out, it should be rolled or laminated into the previously applied layer of Fibrecoat base. A further application of Fibrecoat base should be rolled through the matting on any areas not completely saturated to totally cover and impregate the matting.

For flat roof surfaces, the coverage rate of the Fibrecoat Base will be 1.0 litre per m² with the 225gm CSM. This may increase on uneven or porous surfaces. For pitched roofs, the coverage rate of the Fibrecoat Base will be 0.5 litre per m²

Once the base has been applied it will be water resistant within 30 mins (depending on temperature) but will require a minimum of 16 hours before the finishing system can be applied.