If you require a slip resistant finish to your Fibrecoat surface, then an additional layer of finish can be applied incorporating a special aggregate.

As soon as the first layer of Fibrecoat finish is dry, apply a second coat of the finish. Aggregate of no more than 1mm should then be broadcast over the fresh layer at a rate of approximately 0.75kg per m².

If you are overlaying Fibrecoat onto an existing surface that you must check the surface to remove any imperfections and repair any problems. With asphalt, any flat roof ballast chippings must be removed, however deeply embedded chipping can be left if removing them leads to extensively damaging the asphalt. Badly degraded asphalt must be removed.

Always use safety gloves, coveralls and suitable eye protection and make sure that you have read the relevant Health and Safety Data Sheets for this product. Allbase will supply, on request individual advice in writing in connection with the use and application of its products in all appropriate cases.