Felt Roofing Systems

Felt is one of the most commonly used flat roofing material and can be applied to a wide range of roof surfaces including garages and extensions. Traditional roofing felt is made from a bitumen compound that's fibre reinforced. The product is usually applied in layers made up of a vapour control, reinforced felt and a cap sheet which comes in a few different colours and finishes.

The materials are durable and able to cope with water and wind but can underperform in high temperatures and UV light. Other common failures associated with felt roofs span from poor installation and include ponding due to the flat roof not having the correct gradient to allow water run off or blistering caused when moisture becomes trapped between poorly bonded layers which cannot escape so it forces the felt above up to create a blister.

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Felt Solutions

Cost effective Felt repair and replacement solutions

If your felt roof is in bad shape and has been ponding water for a long time the best thing to do is strip the roof down to the joists and start again with fresh decking, however having this done might not be an economically viable option. The Allbase roofing range has systems that will overcoat your felt roof or advanced coatings that are suited to new build timber flat roof application.

monopol advanced roof repair system


Monopol is our professional roof repair or recovery system and is perfect to stop small leaking felt roofs. The one pack system is available in a white or grey and is applied with a standard brush.

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Fibrelast GRP Roofing System


Fibrelast is our flexible, fire retardant fibreglass GRP roofing system that comes with a 25 year warranty and has been specifically formulated for any new build timber flat roof application.

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Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system


Fibrecoat is our advanced fibreglass roofing system and can be used on new roof constructions or to overcoat felt roofs on both commercial and domestic buildings without the need for a primer.

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Cost effective solutions for asbestos roof repairs and replacements.

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