Fibremat provides excellent conformability to complex moulds and surfaces. The product is designed for use with polyurethane resin systems where there is no styrene content to break down the binder of a standard fibreglass matting like Fibremat.

The product is suitable for hand-lay up applications including automotive parts, marine applications, chemical tanks, along with roofing and construction projects. Rapid wet-out and quick air release reduce the amount of time required to roll out the glass, making work easier and less labour intensive.

Wet carry
Wet out speed
Mechanical strength
Air release

Lloyds Approved

This product have been examined in accordance with the requirements of Lloyd's Register and are approved for use in the constructions under Lloyd's Register Survey

Pack sizes

Depending on your requirements this product can be purchased by the metre, in specific pre measured kits or in full rolls or pallets. Products can include custom branding.