Asbestos Problems

The dangers of asbestos roofing

Asbestos was introduced as a lightweight alternative to traditional roof surfaces like slate and tile. Manufacture continued into the early 1980’s until the dangers were discovered and replacements were sought. Old leaking asbestos roofs provide a difficult and costly task to repair, sheets are fragile and often crack while corroded fixing lift the roof adding to the leak.

Applying sheets over the top of the existing surface adds weight to the roof and could disturb the sheets through the new fixings, which could also lead to condensation.

Asbestos Coatings

Cost effective asbestos solutions

If your asbestos roof is in bad shape, it's recommended to remove and replace with a new roofing membrane, however having this done might not be an economically viable option. Both Fibrecoat and Monopol can be applied to an asbestos roof surface prolonging the life of the existing roof and significantly reducing the cost.

monopol advanced roof repair system


Monopol is our professional roof repair and recovering system and is perfect for small domestic asbestos garage roofs. The one pack system is available in a white or grey and is applied with a standard brush or roller.

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Fibrecoat advanced fibreglass roofing system


Fibrecoat is our advanced fibreglass roofing system and can be used to overcoat asbestos on both commercial and domestic buildings. Depending on the condition of the asbestos, a surface primer may not be required.

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