Building partnerships

Allbase has been built around a core of knowledge and a high level of technical support. Our teams work with Architects to specify the most suitable system to match both performance requirements and budget.

Approved installers

Allbase gives you access to our hand-picked, fully trained and approved installation teams to carry out work and provide support.

Basecare warranties

Our Basecare protection is a unique warranty offering product protection for up to 25 years.

Technical services

Allbase can provide you with technical drawings and specification sheets on our advanced coatings.


Our technical support team can provide you with all the necessary technical back up and support along with full on site service.

Green thinking

Allbase is passionate about sustainable construction and is working towards producing products that are more environmentally sound.

Product range

Allbase provides an ever expanding range of innovative advanced coating solutions that cross a wide range of market sectors.

Free sample pack

Request your free information pack for a full range of product samples along with technical and safety data information.