"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining" was a famous quote by John F Kennedy at the State of the Union Address on January 11 1962, he of course was referring to the country's recent recessions rather than a missing slate on the White House Roof, but he had a good point.

If you've got a flat roof that hasn't been checked, resurfaced or replaced in a long while, now's the time to get up on them ladders and check to make sure everything's ok. If you do find something wrong with the roof then it gives you the time to ensure it's fixed while the sun's still shining, so you don't have to suffer later on when the rain and snow comes.

Our range of advanced fibreglass roofing systems and coatings cover simple repairs to complex projects spanning hundreds of square metres. If you have a flat roof that's in need of repair or replacement, you can either attempt the project yourself with one of our DIY packs or request an Allbase Approved Contractors to come out and provide a free site survey and quotation.

If it's a simple repair you need, our cold applied polyurethane-based Monopol product allows you to fix your cracked, split or leaking roof simply by applying it, like paint and leaving to set. The product cures to form a flexible, elastomeric membrane. This is a more accessible products for those who might not always be doing DIY themselves - a brush or roller is perfectly suitable, and will yield truly excellent results. As always, feel free to contact us with any queries on the job or the product.

Allbase has cultivated excellent working relationships and built a reputation on trust, which is why architects, tradesmen, builders and amateur DIY-ers keep coming back to us. If you need to maintain or waterproof a flat roof, and need a product that is easy to use and extremely durable, then look no further.